Friday, September 01, 2006

Bmmmc students: daughers of tata's and birla

the title might sound lil different... and frivolus.... but thats what we are percieved as...
every year, we pay exhorbitant amounts as our course fee, for maintenance of dose cameras and machines which we dont even touch in 1st and second year , coz we are considered as immature and naive to use those equipments... then wat the hell are we paying for.. if we are not even allowed to tuch it.. another issue.. exam fee... every semester , there's a hike... and wenever aksd for the explanation, very conviniently professors escape by calling it a decision of university.... and today, we actually realized that UGC doesnt provide funds for our course... awesome man!! i wonder wat difference would it have made, if i were in JIMS and VIPS...I know we all will ka thappa... what difference ??? in professional world nobody identifies IP.. they cant even seperate out the diffeence between IPC and IPU... So big deal...equal amount of fees we end up paying.. the heavy bills of tapes and films... HUH... All bloody from our pockets.. i keep wondering where does this 38,440+1035=40,000(round it off) goes???? in their stomachs... or yogi and princi painting there home walls thru it.... ???
hundred questions and no answers...


Blogger Wethepeople said...

wait! the college walls are already chippin off! considering that the college was renovated only last yr.

7:04 AM  
Blogger Wethepeople said...

actually!!...i mean look at this!! and then we have pathetic guest faculties!! barring some of them..most of them turn up late and what they teach is something even they cant understand!!..half the time we are waiting in the college for out "strict teachers". and then there are some teachers who shout and scream about coming on time..but themselves never reach on it a class or any event...hahaha...WOW!!

5:59 AM  
Blogger Wethepeople said...

i need inspiration to cum up wid such stuff (the poem)! thanx! lol

9:58 AM  
Blogger Wethepeople said...

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